Sunday, July 27, 2014

Glass of Wine

Come out on the patio. It's 5 p.m.

Oh, I see you're already here, glass of wine in hand. Good.

But did you see the blue plumbago in front? A nice alternative to the white clematis that is no more.

And did you walk around the yard to see the Birch Garden? A lot of white tobacco and pink zinnias today.

Go around to the back of the driveway garden. The silvery mountain mint is very nice next to the dark purple ninebark, but I need more to fill that empty spot in front.

Did you see the tiny orange blackberry lilies on their big stalks -- what a stand they have formed next to the exotic woodland tobacco, Nicotiana sylvestris. Take a whiff, the tobacco is heavily perfumed.

How European . . .  that 'Gold Cone' juniper is very upright and very narrow, very fastigate.

C'mon . . . the bottlebrush buckeyes are still not blooming. So late. In every other year, even as young plants, they shot up white rockets in mid July. It's almost August!

Did you see the little mounding dahlias along the walk? Bright red, they are little things, not at all like the tall dahlias you see with the dinner plate sized blooms. These are sweet.

Okay, back to the patio to finish our wine.

Any cheese and crackers?


Who's cooking dinner on this summer night? I'm busy walking around the gardens.

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