Thursday, August 7, 2014

On Assignment

National Geographic came to our house today to photograph the ruby throated hummingbirds.

They sent their top photographer and he brought his tripod and zoom lens and fancy camera. His name was Jim.

It was a beautiful summer morning, and the hummingbirds were staging a carnival. Two males swooped and chattered (they make a high pitched little scrree chirp) and dived at each other around the feeder.

The hummingbirds were further agitated by annoying yellowjacket wasps that hang off the feeder where the sugar water drips.

My job was to spray the feeder with the garden hose to keep the drips of sugar off it and deter the yellowjackets. The photographer's job was to wait for the perfect shot.

Even with a tripod and great patience, it was hard to get a focused shot, and he couldn't get the two battling birds in one shot together.

It's not easy capturing these tiny bundles of speed on camera. But it was fun having a National Geographic professional on assignment here all morning. I had to make him coffee but otherwise he was undemanding, and just sat there for an hour perfecting his craft.

He's actually still here.

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  1. Not yet in the grand company of an NatGeo photographer, but I'll keep trying!