Friday, September 12, 2014

Growing Wild

The weather has been either sunny, dry and pleasant or gloomy, dry and overcast. There have been some great late afternoons when the skies are a lovely blue, the breeze is gentle and the temperatures are perfect, with a sharp, clear light.

But no rain.

I moved everything around. The table and chairs are now on the patio and the set works better there.

The space is cramped. It fits and there is no real problem -- four people can sit at the table well enough, but there is not a lot of room around it.

The teak rockers are now on the front porch. We cleaned them and applied teak oil to them and they look okay, although not great. As I noted in an earlier post, the front porch is not really for sitting anyway. I just didn't know what else to do with the rockers after I took them off the patio.

The gravel garden now has a glider bench that I like a lot, and I returned the folding Mayan chairs to this space. They need a good cleaning and re-staining which is on my list of fall chores.

The compost row has been overtaken this year with wild growth. Jim is no longer bagging grass clippings, so there are no piles of heavy material to suppress the weeds, and the decaying vegetation that was there has been fertile ground for tall weeds to take over.

It's been interesting to note what has shown up in the tangle of weeds where the compost pile had been. Earlier in the summer I found lobelia cardinalis that had escaped the garden, and a crocosmia too. Both were bright red pops of color blooming in the mess.

Now I am finding Karl Foerster grass growing well where I had tossed a discarded clump last year. It's a great plant, but it didn't belong in a mixed border the way I was using it. In the wild, on its own, it looks perfect.

And a flowering tobacco has grown, blooming like the ones I have in the garden, and making the old compost pile fragrant at night.

I fuss with my plants all season and I move furniture around and I am always not quite satisfied with what I have created -- and then the wild compost pile does its thing all by itself and looks great.

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  1. HA! Don't you just love nature!!! I think what you create is always beautiful! My side yard which faces north is full shade and is the area where I just plant things "for the meantime" The ones that I will one day find a spot for...and let me just say that like your compost area everything always does fantastic. I guess the lesson is if we leave things to their own devices magic will happen! Happy day to you...and have a lovely weekend!! Nicole xo