Thursday, September 4, 2014


September seems to be more summery than July and August were. Hot days (80s and 90s), a lot of humidity, and warm nights so far.

It rained a half inch in a brief downpour on Sunday, the only time in ages I had anyone over for a cook out, and the rain came just as we sat down (inside) to eat!

This summer I have been having issues with the hummingbird feeder.

The little tube feeder that I always liked has attracted too many yellowjackets and it drips. Bugs and drips were never such a problem in past years, but this summer the hummers are tormented by aggressive wasps at the feeding hole and there is always a drop of sugar water hanging off it.

So a new hummingbird feeder (researched for wasp deterrence, ant avoidance, and ease of cleaning) is now up, hanging where the old one was.

It's a "Hummzinger" model. It has an ant moat in the center, upward facing deep ports that wasps can't get into and a plastic weather shield over it.

I watched this morning and the hummingbirds have found it and accepted it.

The yellowjackets still fly around the area -- they know sugar water is there -- but they are no longer all over the feeder driving the birds batty. There are no drips or stray sugar beads to attract any insects.

I liked how unobtrusive my old tube feeder was, nestled in by the clematis at the patio. The new Hummzinger one is plasticky and large and garish, but I think the hummingbirds will be happier.

I dunno about the big clear plastic umbrella thingy overhanging the feeder. That may have to go.

A hummingbird buzzed me and hovered in my face this afternoon, looking directly at me while I sat on the patio. Was it in thanks for eliminating their tormentors, or in anger for taking away the old familiar feeder?

I probably should have waited til next spring to change things up, but the insect pests were such an annoyance.

The hummingbirds will be gone soon, headed south. I hope they go away happy that I tried to make their summer a little easier, and not mad at me for making changes so late in the season!

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