Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mornings and Afternoons

Love to see this sight on a cool autumn morning. I am standing on the deck, coffee in hand, and the air is lovely. The sun is coming up over the tall trees.

If I look to the left I can see that the tower of clematis viticella by the hummingbird feeder never rebloomed this fall. Each year I cut it to the ground in late July and get spectacular regrowth and a full rebloom in September, but this year I experimented and left it standing after the flowers were spent. It didn't rebloom.

So next year I'll cut it back in summer. The hummingbirds are gone now. I haven't seen any in a couple days.

If I turn a little further left I see my blue pyramid in the back garden lit by the morning sun. I like it.

Now I turn toward the right and catch the startling red of the Japanese maple next to me. This was the first year it stayed such a brilliant red, rather than turning maroon in the heat of summer. It is either stressed from the canker it is being treated for, or the cool nights this summer kept it from washing out.

Mornings are lovely in fall. So are afternoons when the shadows get long.

All summer it was a challenge to find enough shade to be comfortable in the gravel garden in the afternoon. Now, late on a cool day, sitting in the dwindling sun is nice.

Asters are blooming in the meadow and the sun catches their purple haze in the afternoon when the yard is in shadow. Because of the dry summer the aster display isn't much this year. The buckeyes look better than ever before, deep green this year for the first time and unscorched. The cool summer helped.

I especially like the white wood asters, so delicate and frothy looking and they stand lower than the tall gangly purple asters. They seem to do better in a dry summer than the purple asters.

Turning back from the meadow toward the house, I see the river birches and the sweetbay magnolias lit up in the late afternoon. The red Japanese maple is as bright from afar as it is standing next to it in the morning. It just shines.

Fall is a beautiful season for light, early morning or late in the day.

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  1. What a gorgeous view!!! It is just outstanding in every shot!! Happy fall friend! Nicole xo