Friday, October 17, 2014

A Lemon of a Lemon Tree

It rained a lot. An inch and a quarter of soaking rain yesterday, all day. Today is sunny and sparkly.

It was hot and humid and we put the air conditioning on, even though it is mid October and we've had chilly nights for a while.

When we got back from Kentucky it was so cold at night (down to 36 degrees) that I brought the Meyer lemon tree inside. Now we have humidity and warm temps and open windows at night.

But here it is, my lemon tree under lights, indoors, looking out of place and forlorn.

It has bloomed but I got no fruit. In fact when it arrived, mail order, it was full of fragrant blooms that fell off.

It thrived outside all summer, and I had to prune it pretty severely. The leaves are deep green and glossy. It bloomed outside, but again, the flowers fell off.

The problem may be either too much water or not enough water. One or the other.

The problem may be immaturity. How old does it have to be?

The problem may be temperature -- it won't set fruit when nights are cold. It's warmer in the house, so maybe that will fix it?

The problem may be too much fertilization or not enough. Whatever, this tree is not performing.

I just hope this lemon tree isn't a lemon.

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