Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Solar Panels

The first freeze of the year occurred Sunday night. It got down to 30 degrees and stayed there all night. Monday was chilly, windy, and promised winter.

There have been some changes here. I'll show you, starting with a sketch of our house this summer:

And here is a real life photo of what it looks like now, with 6.875 kilowatts of solar energy generation installed on our roof. That will provide 100% of the electricity our house uses.

The roof faces full south, there are no obstructions, and no trees will shade it for a long, long time. It doesn't look too bad -- the panels have a clean, sleek look, but still. . .  they are smack on the front of the house. I'll get used to seeing them and won't notice after a while, I hope.

The installers were beside themselves with glee -- "we don't see such an easy, full sun, unobstructed orientation very often" they gloated happily. I think they even brought friends over to climb up on the roof and enjoy how great it was . . . . there were a lot of guys hanging out up there at times.

Now let the sun shine down on my garden and my house!

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