Friday, November 21, 2014

A World of Sparkle

It's been very cold. Overnight it is well below freezing and in the day it has been windy and in the high 30s.

The birdbath froze, and although the air is above freezing in daytime, the block of solid ice does not thaw.

The winterberry hollies are full of festive red berries. I always think how spectacular they will look against white snow, but it rarely happens, as the berries are completely gone right after Thanksgiving.

But right now they sparkle.

In fact, my whole world sparkles now -- not red like the winterberries, but clear and sharp, with my vision restored. The cataract is gone, a new perfect lens is in, and wow.

I feel better, the pain is pretty much gone, and each day I am more comfortable. And each day is a wonder to see.

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