Monday, December 1, 2014

Putting up the Tree

In contrast to my struggles to hang Christmas wreaths outside, putting up the tree inside was so easy.

The temperatures rose to the mid 60s briefly today. The air was delightful, the sun was out for a bit and this was the day I should have picked to put up the outdoor decorations. A really nice day. Much of the icy snow melted.

But, perversely, I put the outdoor things up in the cold, and then used this warm day to decorate indoors.

Our tree is artificial and little and pre-lit. It took less than 5 minutes to haul it up from the basement and stand it on the rug. Done. Lit.

It took longer to find a bottle of wine, open it, find a Christmas CD, put it on, and then sit down to think about getting the ornaments out.

We heard from the solar panel company today, were instructed to flip the switches and did. Nada. The GFI light is lit, there is some kind of electrical leakage issue and the panels won't connect. A "guy will be out" to fix it.

Okay. The tree is up and lit, not with energy from the sun yet, but soon. The ceramic nativity scene is on display, and I found some sparkle covered railroad set trees and polar bear figures I forgot I had, and put them out in a little global warming scene.

All good.

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