Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Promises

Is it time for resolutions? Is it January 1?

Is it the time of year to make promises to myself that I will or will not keep?

Well, okay then.

Resolution #1
I will not plant so many things so close together any more. I will not crowd large woody plants and forest sized trees together in small spaces. I will not cram things in.

This resolution will be broken as soon as the weather warms in spring and I am ready to plant. I know I can keep this resolution from January until May, and I am pretty proud that I can stick to my guns all winter. Come spring, however, this promise is toast.

Resolution #2
I resolve to net the blueberries this year and harvest a crop.

This involves a PVC pipe structure covered in netting that can be removed in order to get to the blueberries. It is costly and has all the earmarks of being unworkable, therefore I am willing to try it.

Resolution #3
I promise myself I will be more patient. I will wait.

Seedlings and annuals that are planted out in the garden in early May will sulk until warmer weather arrives.

Vegetables and herbs potted up in containers in May outside will do nothing, simply nothing, until summer arrives.

May is not a gardening month.

It is a waiting around for warmer weather month.

Resolution #4
Stake the floppy things before they fall over.

I do this every year -- I wait until I am on a morning walk around the garden in mid-summer, whereupon I realize the sundrops are lying in the mud and the anemones are prostrate. Then I grab some spindly stick things and tie some thin stringy stuff around them and manage to break off most of the plant wrestling it upright.

After these efforts the floppy perennials, sticks, and strings all lie back down on the ground together.

It's not an equipment failure, although I need to invest in real stakes and strong metal hoops and real twine or something. It's a timing issue.

I promise myself I will do this earlier and not wait until everything is already too far gone to pull back upright, or the ground is too hard and dry to push any stakes into.

Resolution #5
I won't plant things that fall over.

Except big tall nicotiana sylvestris. I want that. At almost 5 feet tall it needs to grab onto something to stand up.
Not only does the big tobacco plant need a stake, but the orange blackberry lilies
behind it do too -- they lie down flat across the lawn in late summer.

And the taller dahlias, they need some stakes. And the perennials I already have that will come back will still need staking.

And the baptisia that is in too much shade and gets floppy will need some help.

And  . . . .
              . . . .  am I already breaking this resolution?

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