Thursday, March 26, 2015

Open Conservancy - to tour

There is a garden in Glastonbury I would like to visit. It is at exit 10 right off Rte 2, the same exit as Pam's former house. Easy to get to. Sounds interesting:

It is open June 27 and 28 and then again September 12 and 13.

The Murray Gardens

The Murray Gardens

Glastonbury, CT
Open Days, Water feature

Our property is a colorful collection of gardens carved out of a woodland setting, punctuated by unusual and native trees. The two-acre landscaped property features three long-blooming perennial borders and a hydrangea bed in the front. As you enter the garden through the stone gates you are greeted by a small pond with a copper weeping maple sculpture that gently rains all day. A journey down the front walk leads you to a weeping camperdown elm, and beyond, a larch and a Cornus controversa that extends over a rock pointing to a bank of carpetflower roses with daylily garden above. Next, cross the lawn past the red buckeye and bottlebrush buckeye and enter into a naturalized woodland setting with a twisting stone path, where you can enjoy a myriad of shade and woodland plants and garden sculpture surprises with soft music in the background. Walking through the garden gate into the back yard, you will find shade gardens built into the pool deck and a formal triangle garden containing ‘Knock Out’ roses and oriental lilies inside a boxwood border. Beyond is another daylily bed running along an old stone wall and a garden patio with curved steps ascending to a fifty-foot rose bed. Amble into the Japanese garden over the footbridge, beneath which a waterfall runs from the little upper pond to the fish pond below. There you will see a spectacular Heptacodium and several large Japanese maples surrounding the pond. Descending four more steps, you will enter into the dry stream bed bordered by perennials, a sweet bay magnolia, and a weeping hemlock.

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