Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Plants for This Spring

Here's what I want to do this spring, and the plants I ordered:

Spigelia marilandica - Yep, I am going to try growing them for the third time. Sigh.

Indian Pinks will fill the empty spot along the walk as you round the curve. I always loved the bright red carpet roses there, but they were too big and they were a little too much. The roses are gone now, the weigela that had gotten too shaded under the baptisia is also gone.
The too big, too bright red roses are gone -- wouldn't a stand of Spigelia look good there?

Indian Pinks would be subtler, and would do well in the partial shade under the magnolia and baptisia.

Curtis Adams did a great write up here. He specifically mentions planting spigelia with tiarellas, which is exactly what I have there already. The spigelia is slow to come up in spring, so the tiarellas can do their thing first, then the Indian Pinks bloom as the foamflower goes by.

Niche gardens has them.

Lindera benzoin - More spicebushes to fill out the empty spot where the two blue spruces were removed from the berm. Let the two that are there already grow wide, and as big as they want to, and add more behind the bench and under the river birch.
Wouldn't a stand of spreading spicebushes look good around and under the river birch?

Niche gardens has them and Forestfarm too.

Cephalotaxus harringtonia - Japanese plum yew 'Korean Gold' to fill the spot along the east side where I put the witch hazel seedling. The witch hazel will get too big and shrubby so near the house. The plum yew is a fastigate plant, but with a loose look because of its long fluffy needles.

It can take shade. It is zone 6 and after this winter that worries me, but it will be up against the house, in between other plants and somewhat protected.

Slow growing. It will be years before I get good narrow height in between the two windows there.

Wouldn't an upright narrow plum yew between the rounded box and wild viburnum look good?
It would rise up out of the dwarf deutzias below it.
Forestfarm has a small one.

Annuals - seeds

I ordered a bunch of seeds.

Nasturtiums: I'll start them outdoors in May. 'Moonlight' pale yellow to vine up the twig towers. 'Whirlybird' mixed orange and red jewel colors around the edges of the gravel garden.

Tobacco: I planted the dust-like seeds in a flat under the dining room window two days ago at the end of March. The big N. sylvestris 'Only the Lonely' will be transplanted to the back of the Birch Garden (I wonder if there will be any self seeded from last year), and N. alata 'Grandiflora' will go in the middle of the Birch Garden. 'Baby Bella Red' will be transplanted into pots or scattered in different spots in each garden for a pop of red.

California poppies will be sown at the top of the stone wall among daffodils and around the gravel garden, outdoors around May 10. They don't start indoors well.
'Fireworks' dahlias - kind of gaudy

Dahlias: I ordered some smaller ones -- 'Fireworks Mix" -- to grow from seed. I planted the seeds in a flat indoors a couple days ago as well. I'll put them along the front walk (I'm going to take out the floppy 'Frosty Morn' sedum there.) They appear to be gaudy and colorful, but what the heck. They're dahlias.

Basil: I planted some seeds indoors of a dwarf, compact Genovese basil a few days ago.

There are problem areas that I want to fill in the garden, and spots where I'd like to try a particular plant.

I'm still thinking about a 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' magnolia, and maybe a cherry tree -- 'Okame' was a delight when I had it before.

Somewhere I'd like to put in a male Ilex opaca. The female holly on the east side is being pollinated from somewhere, but I wonder if I would have a much heavier fruit set if there was a male American holly nearby.
Red berries on my Ilex opaca -- but would there be more with a male holly nearby?

There is some snow still on the ground, but it is diminishing now. Until the gardens are snow free and last year's debris is cleaned up a bit, it's hard to picture what I want and where.

Spring: I am waiting on you.


  1. I am making note of these friend! Such awesome picks and your annuals up there all sound lovely as well! Have fun planning...can't wait to see your beautiful space come to life! Nicole xoxo

    1. I'll be posting during the season on how these all work out!

  2. Can't wait to see it all in place...

    1. It's going to all look just as I envision, right? No disappointments!