Thursday, May 28, 2015


To anyone who reads this diary:

A couple people have noted that I don't have comments enabled on this blog.

Actually, if you click on the title of the post it will bring up the post with the comment field opened at the bottom and you can leave any notes there you would like to -- I do read them.

I am not trying to discourage anyone who is interested in contact, but I am trying to control spam on what is my personal journal.

My other blog (now no longer active) had the title My Weeds Are Very Sorry, and even with word verification and spam filters, I struggled with way too many off topic comments because the word "weed" was searched. Go figure.

At least this journal doesn't have trigger words in the title, but even so, I'm keeping a low profile for random commenters who are not interested in gardening. But for those of you who I follow and those of you who are interested in my garden woes and successes, you can leave a comment if you don't mind clicking the post title to open up the comments section.     


  1. That is good to know friend! Sometimes your comment box just pops up and then sometimes it doesn' I know the trick! Have a great weekend! Nicole

  2. Comment comment comment. There. I left a few comments! 😀

    1. And, typically, they were on topic and relevant (for you, anyway. I do make allowances).

  3. I'm glad to know! I love reading your journal and have wanted to leave some comments here and there but didn't realize I could.

  4. I loved your blog and I love your journal. It is an inspiration to me.