Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the 29th Day

A gentle deep soaker is underway. After 29 days of zero precipitation, right at the most vulnerable time in spring, it is now finally raining.



  1. Hi Laurrie. I don't know if you want comments since you seemed to have hidden the comment place but I wanted to say it is nice to find you writing again. I have always enjoyed your writing and of course your garden is glorious even with the drought. I am so glad to see that your area has some rain. Surely with all the storms headed in your direction you will get some rain. Cheers and happy spring.

    1. Lisa- Hi! I welcome comments here but I was struggling on the old blog with spam, and having to filter out the unwanted ones. (My old blog had the title My Weeds are Very Sorry, and you won't believe how many off-topic comments were because of "weed" coming up in searches.... sigh.)

      So on my personal journal I just make it so you have to click on the topic to comment. Glad you did!!