Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red Chairs

Lovely weather for early May. Sunny, in the low 70s and very nice. Dry, though. We could use rain.

I did it. I painted the Mayan folding chairs, after giving them a good cleaning to get some of the stain and mildew off. Here is how they originally looked in 2006 when new.

But after 8 years out in the elements they had become discolored and black with mildew in places. So I cleaned them up, and painted them red.


This isn't the barn red color I was going for. Somehow they look plastic now, and kind of cheap.

I don't like them this color at all. Even in low light they are too red. In fact they stand out even more in the fading evening light.

Jim says they will look fine when the trees around the gravel garden and in the background leaf out. The paperbark maple on the right, and that twiggy stump of a smokebush are both late to leaf out and are still bare, but I can see what he means. The red chairs aren't so bad surrounded with other things.

But I don't like them.

This should be fixable, but I'm not sure what to do. Repaint?

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