Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Step This Way

I like how this came out.

We bought a pallet of irregular bluestone stepper stones and placed them between the two back gardens leading to the bridge over the dry creek bed.

Well, we didn't place them. We hired a strong young stonemason to install them. There was some very heavy lifting of some of the largest slabs.

He's coming back to actually dig out the space for each stone and set them in stone dust to make this a walkable path.

But even now, with the steppers just laid on the grass to see the spacing, I like it.

It flows. It moors two separate islands of gardens that seemed to be swimming in the lawn before. It ties them together.

The stone path draws you from the open lawn down between the two gardens, then curves around toward the front again.

It's still visually part of the lawn -- the turf will remain in between the steppers and it will have to be mowed. Jim has assured me that's no problem.

I like that it is an extension of the lawn, not an abrupt change to a paved walkway that you enter. It's just the lawn itself turning into a path that directs you between the two gardens, under the trees and back around.

It's a simple addition, but it transforms this narrow strip.

I wasn't sure about the light color of the bluestones, but the contrast with the grass is nice, and I even like how the stones pick up the slate blue of the bench in the distance. A little bit of color repetition.

When the trees that line this area grow up a little more (and god help me if the purple leaved redbud doesn't die back any more each winter) it will be an arbor of cool shade that draws you down the path. Nice.

In the first years of creating gardens on our empty half acre I struggled with tying isolated beds and features together. Everything seemed to float alone in a sea of lawn. I'm getting there with this composition I think.

Step this way, please.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! And I love that you've turned your comments on. Yay!!