Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reverse That

The end of June had ample rain, but in July we've gone too long without rain and it has gotten hot, in the 90s. Lawns are browning in places now.

Trees look limp and garden soil is dry. When I pull weeds a puff of dusty powder comes up. The tenacious ones won't be rooted out from their rock hard homes at all.

But the air is full of moisture. Humidity is high. When I am out there in the mornings I am drenched with sweat running down me even as the ground I kneel on is dry and thirsty.

How about we switch that? Some good damp soil would be nice and some dry comfortable air.

And another thing. My delicate pink Knockout rose by the front steps is reverting. There are cherry red blooms in there. Let's reverse that right away, before the whole shrub goes red.

I had red Knockout roses several years ago and could not tolerate their cherry syrup color or the way the ever blooming things were so relentlessly in flower all summer.

This I could not:

I took those red Knockouts out a long time ago.

But the pink variety I do like. The color changes from clear pink to blush white, it has a wonderful scent, and the shrub isn't as densely mobbed with roses all season long the way red ones are. The individual pink Knockout blooms are even a prettier, more whorled shape than the open flat red roses.

I can't do much about humid air and not enough rain, but I can take off the stem that is reverting on my pink rose. I need to clip that down to the base. I'll get the pruners and go out there just as soon as the humidity goes down a bit.

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