Friday, August 7, 2015

Pine Barren Berries

This is how the wild blueberry was first cultivated in the pine barrens of New Jersey:

The article in the link is a great history of how Elizabeth White brought blueberries into commercial cultivation in the early 1900s and then created a market for these "moorland jewels".

She sent local pineland woodsmen out into the sandy barrens to bring back fruits of highly variable wild shrubs that thrived everywhere in the sandy acidic soil. She would select the best, then have the woodsman guide her back to the shrub to dig it up -- in return he got a dollar and the honor of having the variety named for him (except for Sam Lemon; she wouldn't name a variety the Lemon Blueberry.)

The article is interesting. I'll think of Lizzie White each time I put those big blue pine barren berries on my breakfast cereal.


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