Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Scents and Sounds

It rained deeply yesterday, an inch and a quarter, and then it rained some more at night, another half inch, and then at 3 in the morning the sprinklers went on and I had to get up in hurry and turn them off. We've had plenty of water. Today is sunny and sparkly.

The pink Knockout rose by the front steps has started blooming again in the past week. It flowered in spring, then looked a little tired and sparse, but now in August it has another full flush of delicate pink roses.

I make frequent excuses to go out the front door on some errand or other in order to catch a whiff of the rose's very subtle sweet scent.

August is when the clethra bloom, filling the back yard with a spicy aroma. The 'Hummingbird' shrubs flower first -- they are low and have white spikes. 'Ruby Spice' is taller and not yet in bloom. When it flowers, the spikes are bigger and a soft pink.

When I get tired of going in and out the front door to smell the rose, I come out back and invent errands that take me past the clethra. The compost pile is behind the berm, and the stands of clethra are planted on opposite sides of the berm, so I make up lots of reasons why the compost needs tending.

Although I don't actually do anything with the compost. I end up sitting in the middle of the berm on my shady bench, in between the two stands of clethra. That way I get the scent from either side and I let it waft by me while I sit and listen to the high chirring summer sound of cicadas on an August day.

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