Sunday, October 11, 2015

A 3D Experience

We went to see The Martian -- the space movie about a stranded botanist on Mars, feeding himself by growing potatoes in Martian soil mixed with lavatory waste from the space station. It's Apollo 13, Castaway and Gravity all combined into a story that is better than any one of those. It's a great movie, go see it.
And it was in 3D! With the glasses!

I thought of that as I looked out at my garden this morning. Early autumn light enhances everything at this time of year, and the contrast in colors makes things in the foreground pop. Just like a 3D picture.

The black gum tree by the curved bridge is still green and small, and most of the summer it blends into the leafy green of the trees on the hill in the background so you don't even really notice it. But now, against wine red maples behind, it pops out.

This photo shows how its form and color are brought forward, but the 2D effect of a photo on a flat computer screen does not give you the real 3D effect I see out there. The black gum positively jumps forward, shimmering in the foreground with deep open space lit up behind it. Distinctly three dimensional and no funny glasses needed to see the effect.

Seriously, go see The Martian.


  1. Oh my! That 2nd pic is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Wish you could see it in the full 3D effect though : )