Sunday, October 4, 2015

So Many Raindrops

After so much dry sunny weather in September, we had a prolonged rainy stretch for several days.

I need to get my newly purchased 'Bartzella' peony planted soon. There's just a short window of time in the fall to get this done -- the peony has to be getting ready to go dormant to withstand transplant, but it needs to still be warm enough for it to establish some roots before winter.

So that means early October. In fact, the peony farm sent out a notice about getting plants in the ground now.

But . . . rain. The ground is too wet after two inches of rain a few days ago and intermittent showers since then that amounted to another quarter inch. And it's been downright chilly and windy too.

The heat's been on since Friday as temps outside are in the 50s in the daytime, lower at night.

I'm starting to get edgy about the things that need doing this fall.

And I don't want to miss the highlight of the gardening year: my gardens in peak fall color in brilliant October sunshine. In the gloom I caught the early maples coloring on the back hill already.

On the other side of the hill the wild sumacs are turning red too. It's all coming on quickly now -- the color, the fall tasks that need doing, my fretfulness.

Okay, there are lots of small things that need attention, but here's the list of big tasks I'm fretting over getting done:

  • Get the new garden dug for the peony and get it in the ground.
  • Dig and move the dwarf winterhazel from the driveway garden where it's crowded.
  • Dig and move the Jackmanii clematis and tower.
  • Take down the smaller sweetbay magnolia.
  • Expand the planted area under the closest white birch, where the grass dies out each summer.

Will there be time enough once the raindrops stop?

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