Thursday, November 19, 2015

Patchwork Beads

I'm making you something, she said. What colors do you like?

Jewel tones, I said. Garnet, teal, royal plum purple. Those are all good.

So she made me a beaded cuff. Each little piece is created from tiny beads strung into squares, and then sewn together into a patchwork quilt pattern.

Even the elastic hook and eye of the clasp are intricately beaded.

There is a funky purple fabric for backing and she signed and dated it. The soft material protects the wrist from the hard beads. It fits me to a t, and it feels soft and wrist hugging.

Can you imagine the work that goes into making such a tiny, beautiful quilt? I've looked and looked and no two patchwork squares on this cuff are the same.

And yes, there are garnet reds and teal greens, and peacock blues and deep purples, just as I specified.

And, in addition, there are 36 years of friendship and decades of memories that come with each bead and every tiny square, all painstakingly stitched together in a gift from a good friend.

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