Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things I Like: November edition

Here are some random things I am enjoying this November.

When the leaves are all down, the shimmery peeling bark of the paperbark maple can be seen and it's simply beautiful.

The paperbark seedlings are pretty too. Between this maple and the red maples and the Norway maple in the yard, I weed little Acer seedlings out of all my gardens all year long.

I love how the grass in November is so green and rich. Lawn turf loves cold weather and we've had rain and it looks like an emerald carpet right now.

I am enjoying Season 2 of Fargo on FX. Awesome acting, tight scripts, gratuitous violence and a ridiculous plot. But the acting and the pacing and the easter eggs of random references keeps me riveted and entertained. Best series on TV.

I like red November berries. Aronia berries, which no birds or animals like, rise high above the Birch Garden and will be there all winter until the critters get really really hungry.

The aronia shrubs arch up over the faded garden which is brown and gone by now. I'll cut down most of the stuff on the right side and then the aronias will really be noticeable -- they'll be the only thing out in the late November garden.

More red berries: winterberry hollies. I should net these so they don't get eaten and stripped bare before snow -- how I'd like to see them highlighted against snow next month, but it seems harsh to deprive the deer and birds of these treats just now.

I really like turkey dinner. Thanksgiving is a great time for so many reasons, including family and celebration. But I really do love the actual meal. It's one of my favorites. Gravy. Fixings. Stuffing. My sister's corn casserole. If you ever want to comfort me in a time of crisis, bring me a turkey dinner.

I like the way the blue pyramid looks now that everything around it is open and bare. It looked nice out in the garden all summer, but now it is truly the focal point.

The Pequot Indian museum was good. I enjoyed that earlier in November, and particularly liked going with our old friends and making a day of it. It is a shining example of what boundless casino gaming money can do when it is well spent with a professional, balanced approach to history telling. Well done. Go if you are in southern Connecticut. You can completely skip the slots machines and tables, they aren't even near.

I like big fluffy grasses at this time of year. The 'Karl Foerster' grass that I put in spots at the edge of the meadow is lovely right now, and the three tall clumps of 'Northwind' panicum are eye-catching.

It's the miscanthus by the garage door that I really love. So soft, so bouncy in the wind, so full. I actually thought this was a goner. The middle has died out, and I did not think the growth around the edges would fill in, but it did.

It will get chopped to the ground very soon. Before the snow comes if I can time it right. I don't like to get rid of this beautiful grass at the height of its best season, but there is no such thing as "winter interest" when heavy snow splays this out and lays it down all askew across the pavers in a sodden icy mess. It gets chopped before that can happen.

I'm enjoying pink sunsets all this month. We get soft rosy skies now and with the leaves of the tall trees down, I can marvel at the delicate, sweet pink of a November sunset.

It comes too early though -- at 4:30 p.m. That's one thing I don't like about November. It gets late so early.

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