Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Outdoor Sink

The weird warm weather is gone and today it is very cold and sleeting. Less pleasant but more seasonal. Everything is coated in a thin layer of white finally.

I am indoors, thinking about things I need outdoors. This is what I need:
Found on Root Simple

The potting bench I have is sturdy and big, and I have a hose hanging next to it, but without a place for the water to drain, potting activities are limited. Small pots can be put up, but anything involving washing off the rootball or cleaning out used containers or rinsing tools has to be done out in the garden, usually on my hands and knees.
My bench on the patio -- there's a hose for watering but nowhere for washwater to drain.

My big potting bench could be so much more useful if I could find a sink like this, assemble it in the bench top and put a big bucket below.
Found on Hometalk

Even this simple set up would work -- either on the patio with a 5 gallon bucket under it, or out in the garden itself, freely draining into the dirt.
Found on Earthfinds

These set ups require salvaging an old sink. The stories accompanying the pictures talk about using one found in the house they were renovating, or scoring one of these old enamel farm sinks discarded by the side of the road, just waiting to be hauled home. Right.
Found on faded charm cottage

A couple years ago I did see an old farm sink at an antique store in Vermont and knew it would fit my plans exactly. Perfect! The price was over $1,200 dollars, though, so that didn't happen.

Where do you find old sinks by the side of the road?


  1. Come to Kentucky - about any back road will work!

    1. Okay, snag the next one you see! Dimensions 30 x 18, not too much rust, drainboard optional. Pick one up for me and I'll come down and get it : ) You really do live in a gardening paradise.