Thursday, December 17, 2015

Breakfast Book Nook

We've been living with the new furniture arrangement for a while now. Patterns have developed. I use the desk in the breakfast area constantly and Jim uses the kitchen table in the reading area for his paperwork and computer surfing. We eat breakfast and lunch here.

We got a rug. It's jute, very neutral and probably too small (6 foot round).

But a larger size would have made this look more like a dining area, emphasizing the table. We already have a large dining room. As my friend Peggy suggested, this area works better in the open room as a book nook, emphasizing the bookcases and going for a study carrel vibe rather than a cafe feeling in the living room.

So no pendant light, no large rug under the table, and the fact that Jim leaves his stuff all over the table makes it look library-esque (humor me here).

Lighting is still an issue, but I got a taller, sturdier floor lamp and put in a brighter CFL bulb and it's a little removed from in front of the thermostat. It does light things up better. I moved a small glass-shaded bankers lamp I had to the bookcase instead of that too-large table lamp you see in the picture, and it's bright enough.

There's just no direct light over the table, so at night card playing or sitting around going over maps of Paris or decorating Christmas sugar cookies is not easily done at the table.

With little direct light it really doesn't function as a library study spot. But it does look and feel like a cozy book nook and we do eat our breakfasts here and I'm happy with the arrangement.

The cardinal at the top of the Christmas tree agrees, and we all know how judgmental cardinals can be.

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