Sunday, February 7, 2016

Two Kittens

We got a ton of heavy wet snow a day ago. On Saturday morning, as I walked past the sliding glass doors that lead to the deck, I found myself face to face with a bobcat.

Right there, next to the snow covered bistro chair, looking right into the porch through the door, a bobcat paused, full of curiosity about what was inside.

I didn't have the camera with me, but this is the spot I stood in, and the bobcat was right outside the door. So much for their elusive, hiding nature.

It was a kitten. He was still very big, but clearly immature, and like any kitten, he was curious. He stopped at the chair, looked at me through the door, checked things out a bit, then bounded around the corner of the railing and down the deck stairs.

He leaped out into the yard and joined his sibling who was sitting quietly on the compost pile at the edge of our yard. I found my camera and got this shot of the one that was waiting.

Here's a zoom-in of the kitten sitting on the compost pile.

The two of them tumbled and jumped together, came back up toward the house, and played in the snow in the yard. It was clear from their sizes and from the way they roughhoused together that they were kittens. After a while the pair ambled away into the woods.

Where was the mother? Are they on their own? I wonder if a mother bobcat would have let a kitten come up on the deck so close to the house.  Jim is worried -- he thinks something might have happened to her.

I prefer to think she was at the edge of the woods watching indulgently the whole time and we just didn't see her.

These two kittens were way too cute. I don't want to think of them being in any danger by themselves.


  1. OMG you are so lucky!!!! I love bobcats and to have two kittens ithat close is wonderful. I am glad you are their fan - be careful telling your neighbors as some folks are just crazy and will want to kill them - just because. They are so gorgeous!!

    1. There is a lot of anxiety in our suburban town about wildlife -- especially about the black bears that visit our yards. There are always panic calls to police and concern about danger to people -- all unfounded. I know people fear the bobcats will threaten their pets, but of course that's not true. But we like the bobcats because they hunt voles -- and voles truly are a threat to mankind (or at least to my garden plants!)

  2. How wonderful for you to get a sighting of the kitties. The photo of the one is fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Patty. They were little, but even so bobcats are such big muscular animals, especially close up.