Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Season Missed

I'm excitedly anticipating an overseas trip we are taking this spring. We'll be gone for 10 days and I can't wait.

But I know I am going to miss some things in my garden that only happen briefly and only once a year. It's no tragedy -- we'll be seeing sights and wonders enough in our travels.

But spring rushes in quickly here and I won't be around for some of it. So I went through prior years' photos to see what exactly will be happening at the time we'll be away.

The flowering dogwood in our front yard is usually in full bloom at the time we'll be gone. Last year, after a harsh winter, it had no buds and no blooms whatsoever -- so missing the show again this year will be two years without seeing it flower. That's a disappointment.
Flowering dogwood in 2013 and 2014

The blackhaw viburnum blooms strangely each spring. One year it had flowers only on the lowest branches, last year it flowered more profusely but only in front, with no blooms at all in the back. I'm curious to see what it does this spring, but we'll be away when the flowers come out.
Blackhaw viburnum full of flowers in front -- but none in back

I'll miss seeing the purple river of ajuga, and the honey-scented fothergilla spikes, and my white 'Immortality' iris, and the starry tiarellas.

Some will still be there when we get back -- the tiarellas usually bloom a long time and the ajuga and irises may be fading but still showing some flowers.

Happy orange geums and sweet blue forget-me-nots and the starry pale spikes of camassias will be at their peak but I won't see them.

It's a disappointment that I won't be here for these blooming sights, but the trip of a lifetime more than compensates.

I just wish seasons in the garden were not measured by annual events that come and go and leave me with a long year in between until the next time.

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