Friday, April 1, 2016


It looks like my old Saab 9-3, which I loved and drove for 9 years.

It looks a little like my Prius, sort of egg shaped but much sleeker. After the Saab, I drove the Prius for another 9 years.

This car is powerful and fast, but uses no gas and has no moving parts to service or maintain other than the tires. It will go 215 miles on a full charge. Where there are Tesla Supercharging stations all across the country the electricity to charge the car is free. No maintenance costs, no fuel costs for as long as you drive this car. The base price is $35,000, or $27,500 after tax credits. I could afford that.

At home you plug it in and would have to pay for the electricity, but we have solar panels, so there's no fuel cost there.

It's the Tesla Model 3 and it won't be available until 2017, probably later, but I can wait.

This car has my name on it.


  1. But will they have a Tesla SUV?

    1. The Model X, which Tesla has produced for a while now, is their SUV. It's the one with the falcon wing doors and is way out of my price range. If I want an affordable Tesla it won't be their SUV!! It's going to have to be this one. Or win the lottery. . .

  2. How cool would the Falcon wing doors be! C'mon lottery!