Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hot and Dry End of May

Hot and humid and quite uncomfortable for days. No rain.

Plants are struggling, especially the new divisions and things I've moved. I had to replace plants I lost  this spring, as a mild winter was just as spiteful to my garden as severe ones have been, and the new things need watering all the time.

There are holes I need to fill where some perennials didn't reappear and others just won't bulk up until rain comes, but tenacious dry-loving weeds are more than happy to close any gaps. There is a mat-forming bushy weed that I don't recognize -- it's new to me this year -- and it is carpeting absolutely every inch of concrete dry soil and wrapping itself at the base of every plant.

The things I want to spread out and fill in and get leafy are holding back. The weeds I don't want are exultant.

Even the lawn is browning, despite running the sprinklers.

I hope the turtles are okay in all this hot dry weather.

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