Thursday, July 21, 2016


I'm going to take some time off. Sometimes you need a break, and this summer I am getting tired.

There has been no rain -- a passing thunderstorm a few days ago produced a 30 second burst of raindrops as it sped past, but not enough to even register in the rain gauge.

We've had no real rain for too long, and there is no rain in the forecast, and I just can't with the hoses anymore or the persistently limp perennials or the birch trees shedding their yellow leaves now. We stopped watering the grass.

I'm going away. I've been enticed away by the promise of a shower. Not a rain downpour, but even better . . . . a bridal shower.

I'm out to California for a party for my daughter in law to be. Yes, I'm leaving a too-dry garden to go to a drought stricken state for an event we call a shower!

I'll come back in a little while refreshed.


  1. Laurie - I always identify so much with what you write and are going through!! You always make me smile. Loved this post and can understand how you feel as VA is finally entering a dangerous heat and drought phase. We have been lucky with an English spring and weekly rain - but not now! I marveled yesterday at how good your crocosmias were looking - mine are already flopping. My soil is still poor but I do mulch - a lot - but things dry out overnight! I was out at 4:00am this morning to water - have to sneak as none of my neighbor's think garden watering is OK - even though I skipped my shower in penance! Safe travels and I can't wait for your next post. Karen

    1. Watering at 4 a.m is no fun. It gets to be such a struggle at times. I am glad to be away right now, but in a few days I'll miss the garden and want to get back to see how it's doing!