Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Size of Connecticut

I live just to the west of that star,
which represents the state capital
I live in a small state -- third smallest (by area) of all 50.

It peeves me to hear so many references to things that are the same size as we are -- a forest fire out west is "the size of Connecticut", a ranch in Texas spans acreage equal to the total acreage of Connecticut.

The radius of a hurricane at sea is "as big as Connecticut".

Things are always compared to the size of our state. You'd be surprised how often Connecticut is the default for comparison in the news.

You can drive the width and breadth of this small state in a day. In an afternoon, really. The state is pretty much a little rectangle, so it's easy to visualize I guess.

The state covers 5,500 square miles. Why can't news stories say something is "5,500 square miles", rather than declare that it is "the size of Connecticut"?

No matter. Even though forest fires and ranches and tropical storms are all as big as the entire state I live in, we are a state rich in history and sights to see.

And so, I bring you a great blog about our state: The Size of Connecticut. Check it out.

There are interesting posts about every single town and about our state parks and other observations. Nothing deep, just some sightseeing and pictures. Some great gardens are featured, like this post on Hollister House.


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