Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Next Home

My next garden is going to be in a dry climate. 
Cold wet winters, damp soggy springs and summers too humid to garden or even sit outside are wearing on me. I will learn xeriscaping and I will have flowers and foliage and color and shade, but I don't want to be confined to such a limited window to enjoy it.

My next house is going to have tile floors and radiant heat in the floors. 
I like winter, I'm not one who has to flee south for the duration. But how cozy would warm floors be?  

My next yard will have much more hardscape and very little lawn.
It's a challenge to keep a decent lawn for all the reasons that the environmentalists charge, and my attempts here at narrow stone paths, skinny walkways and a smallish patio and gravel sitting area have only been stabs at true hardscape. I want a big stone terrace that IS the back yard, large gravel areas, arbors and pergolas and all sorts of boulders and stone walls. Lots of it. No grass except maybe an oval spot somewhere surrounded by stonework.

My next home will not have a cranky dehumidifier that needs emptying every day in summer just to keep mold away.
In a dry climate they use humidifiers to ADD humidity to the house. Go figure. I'm tired of running our dehumidifier and lugging pails of water up the stairs each day.

My next house will have solar panels.
This house has solar panels too, but I just thought I'd specify that. It's something I don't want to give up. 

My next garden is going to be smaller. 
What I have here is too much to take care of. Especially since it is never going to mature. Every winter I lose so much and have to redesign and replant, and now this difficult summer I'm losing more that I have to take out and replant. I'm always starting over. Change and loss is part of gardening, so I will always be replanting, but I want much, much less of it. 

My next house will not have tacky coasters scattered around on every table surface.
I won't need them. Drink glasses don't sweat all over everything making puddles on tabletops in a dry climate.

My next garden borders will have drip irrigation installed.
Maybe even on a timer.

My next house is going to be a condo.
Out west.

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