Thursday, September 29, 2016

Musings With a Glass of Wine

While walking in the evening with a glass of wine, a couple inspirations hit me all at once. I could move some things. Yes I could.

Why don't I move the cedar storage shed over to the other side of the patio? Under the kitchen window it crowds the potting bench. I'll recenter the potting bench under the window, leaving space on either side for some pails of potting soil and for the hose to hang more freely.

I'm going to move the shed over to the other side, where the pots are displayed beneath the railing. I don't need so many containers on the patio, and this ell between the upper railing and the deck steps is one hundred percent exactly 51 inches. Guess how wide the storage shed is.

It will snug into that otherwise unusable ell like a slippery glove, still be easily accessible, and it might look intentional. Why did I not notice before that this spot is the perfect place to put the shed?

Do I need all these pots in too much shade under the railing? No I do not. A glass of wine helped me figure that out.

Another glass of wine, another inspiration: why don't I move the 'Bartzella' peony to the front center of the Birch Garden? That spot has always troubled me,

It's the area where the birdbath sits, in an attempt to fill an empty spot. There are huecheras and dahlias and coreopsis there, but the very front center of this garden never filled in.

So a big, lusty peony would be great there. I'll take out the little perennials and the birdbath, maybe, then move the peony from its brick circle, and boy will that fill in the area, first in spring with amazingly big yellow bomb flowers, and then with nice foliage.

And. . . . in the circle in the center of these several converging gardens where the peony is now, I am going to move the 'Silberlocke" Korean fir. It's tiny, and it's slow growing, but one day it will be a silvery, structured, elegant presence and it just doesn't belong hidden behind the giant purple ninebark where it is crowded now.

It needs a place of honor, and this brick circle is good. I have been wondering what to do with the Korean fir, even though I knew I had time, as it grows so slowly. But now, with a couple other moves, I think I have a place for it.

One more glass of wine and large deciduous trees will be slated to move. Let's stop now.


  1. Wow, maybe I need to try a small glass foe some inspiration.