Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tall and Graceful

The very dry summer has made the foliage of the fall anemone skimpy this year, and the flowers are smaller. But the smaller flowers are standing on strong stems, taller than ever before.

Usually this pink Anemone 'Robustissima' gets very floppy. I've struggled in past seasons to keep those big stems from falling all over.

The wall helps, but this pretty plant is at the entrance to the patio and it always falls over into the walk. My staking and trussing attempts always failed -- I ended up with bunches of stems congested together and the whole thing flopped over as a unit.

This year, with drier conditions and smaller flowers, and with a thinner foliage base, the flowers are held strongly upright. The entire plant is tidier, and the stalks are graceful. A breeze makes the demure pink flowers nod, but they stay up straight.

The dry conditions stressed so many of my plants, and even killed some outright. But this anemone is standing so tall and elegant this year, providing a graceful end note to a harsh summer.

Could these be standing up any straighter?

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