Monday, October 31, 2016

A Stillness

After a snowfall last week (enough to stick for a while) and after days of late October bluster gusts and dampish nip, the wind died on Sunday and it became still and not so cold.

The air was quiet and hushed. The garden is ready to move on. Autumn is passing.

I feel the same way. I'm in a hushed state, ready to let the work of the summer garden and the blaze of fall's transformation go. I have no digging projects, no future plans for new gardens, no lists of plants I want, or fussing over plants I have.

It's probably the result of finding myself at the end of a crazy year. Travel this year was unusual for me -- three trips to California, a week in France, a week in Wyoming. There was a grand wedding with all the planning and event preparation for that. There was first time home buying in Colorado that was exciting and took a lot of focus.

The river cruise down the Seine was a once in a lifetime treat. The family bonding in Wyoming was a once in a lifetime chance to introduce my new daughter in law to the ranch.

And at one point during the year we bought a new car.

Add to that the turmoil of keeping a garden going in a very dry summer, with plant losses, replanting, redesigning and just the stress of it all.

Not a lot of gardening (or even interest) going on at the moment. It all looks fine without my attentions as it quietly drifts toward winter. Now I am in a still place myself, needing to regather mentally and financially.

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