Monday, October 24, 2016


Saturday it rained a little and Sunday the wind blew all day in fits and swirls. It happens every year -- a blustery day begins the process of taking the fall foliage down.

At least I got out for a walk in the nice weather before the thinning out began, and got some phone shots.

The view on my walk around the neighborhood last week, before the blustery wind.

My iPhone almost exploded when it snapped the hot color of these sugar maples.

I love seeing the bright colors and those faint blue hills in the distance as I come down the hill.

At home after my ramble around the neighborhood, I sat on the patio and had a rest.

Norway maples that have spread all through the woods
are always a bright yellow

Out in the meadow I can see the American persimmon tree
that I brought home in my carryon luggage in 2007

The pretty sourwood tree before the blow down.

A sassafras sapling, all shaggy and orange.

There is still fall color to be seen -- the red maples in my yard haven't even turned their brilliant crimson color yet, and won't until November. But the weekend's blow has taken away a lot of the fullness and color and spectacle of autumn around here.

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