Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cold Squall

A cold rain squall roared through last night and stripped the red maple's leaves off.

The day before it came through was mild and nice and we sat on the glider in the gravel garden, admiring how stunning the maple's color was. Today is cold and raw and wet and the color is all on the lawn.

We cut back the ornamental grasses while it was warm and pleasant yesterday. I wanted to cut back the tired 'Sheffield Pink' mums, but when I got close enough to start in on them with the hedge trimmer, I saw how many bees were still swarming the spent blossoms. There's not much for them to feed on right now, so I left the mums alone, lying on the ground and looking awful, but entertaining the bees.

Even after last night's squall, the second of our two red maples still has a lot of its leaves. They'll come down soon too. It won't take much now.

We bought three turkeys plus fixings this weekend -- one for us and two to donate. Ours is in the refrigerator thawing. With the cold wind, dropped leaves, early dark evenings, and traditional foods in the pantry, it feels like Thanksgiving is close upon us.

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