Friday, December 2, 2016

Wreaths and Sleds

December begins in Wyoming with putting up wreaths.

And in Connecticut too, where the weather is warm and wet, kind of unseasonal.

And this year, in addition to the wreaths I added some old sleds for decorations too. One is by the front door and one against the brick garage wall.

I found these two antique sleds and a 6 foot tobboggan in our basement.

I've been cleaning out our distressingly cluttered basement for weeks. Since one son got married and the other bought a house this year, I've been going through the junk down there and finding things to send to them to keep now. I've mailed out keepsakes and boxes, and then had the overwhelming task of sorting through what remained -- immense piles of junk, theirs and ours, to throw out.

Down below a bunch of furniture and boxes and linens and books and crap were these two sleds. I didn't even know we had them. I'll have to do some research to see if they are of any value as antiques at this point. Both were Jim's childhood toys, well used more than fifty years ago.

And well hidden with a lot of other stuff that got stowed in basements of different houses over different decades and moved, moved again, and forgotten.

It's amazing what showed up when I started going through long sealed boxes and jumbled piles. A Keurig machine we never used. Payroll stubs from my father's first job at Allis Chalmers in the 1930s (why did I even have those?). A croquet set.

The sleeping bag I froze in on the top of Mt. Washington in 1967 (it's mildewed). Tax returns from 1993. A Soviet newspaper in Russian from 1969 (I could still read the headlines, but the story lost me). Ski maps from an area that closed thirty years ago. Prodigious snarls of Christmas tree lights in giant living tangles. Phone jacks.

So. Much. Random. Stuff.

If only I knew where my old doll Mary was. I did not find her.

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