Friday, February 24, 2017

Warm Interlude

Yesterday was in the 60s, warmer than L.A. and a welcome treat in mid winter.

Snowdrops are blooming at the front of the house, so sweet. I wish I could show pictures of them. But this is a post with no photos because my camera was stolen and I can't figure out how to properly use Jim's.

A replacement camera is on its way, same make and model, courtesy of homeowner's insurance. Until then, imagine pretty white snowdrops and brown muddy mulch and warm sunshiny light.

I was tempted to do garden clean up in the nice weather, but my tools are in the potting bench on the north side of the house, and even 60 degree temperatures can't melt the snow in the deep shade on that side. The patio is covered, and where I shoveled out a bit of access it iced up and was treacherous.

Even so I managed to get at the pruners and did some artistic lopping of the rose at the front door. The woody canes needed some taming.

It felt good to be doing chores outside in the unexpectedly pleasant air.

Oh, and the 'Diane' witch hazel is flowering in this warm interlude. Blooms are copper, not red as it was advertised to be, and the flowers are oddly tinier than what I've seen for this cultivar elsewhere, but it's blooming and the fragrance is delicate and spicy. I'm just no longer sure this is actually 'Diane'.

No matter. I cut branches and brought them in the house and when I walk by at certain times I catch such a sweet, lovely scent. Very nice.

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