Sunday, March 19, 2017


It's odd and discouraging to have deep snow on the ground as we approach the first day of spring. But doesn't the American holly tree out in the yard look fine?

The almost-spring sunlight is strong at this time of year but the snow looks like mid-winter, and that combination brilliantly highlights the holly. There's lots of light but lots of white.

Last week's blizzard brought a ton of late season snow, and it has stayed really cold. There have been lamentations about this, especially coming as it has in the middle of March, but the storm did bring one beautiful, exquisitely gorgeous day of skiing.

On Friday we had a bluebird day, all sparkling skies and soft snow and cold breezes that kept the texture of the snow on the slopes absolutely perfect. Not too deep, not too soft where the sun hit, not too scritchy scratchy where the shade lingered.

Just absolutely perfect.

I expended no physical effort -- my skis just floated along on their own while I did nothing. I am at the age where the surface of the ski slope has to be just right -- I can't handle powder or ice or slush or anything other than snow groomed to resemble the pile on my living room carpet.

And Friday's snow was exactly that. And the day was gorgeous. And I looked like a graceful pro on that perfect snow in those perfect conditions on that brilliant day.



  1. Yes. Yes you did look like a graceful pro on that perfect snow!

    1. You know I did. Even a broken wristed cautious skier rocked those slopes.