Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lone Hunter

I stood at the window and watched a lone coyote hunt in the meadow just beyond our yard. It looked very large in the stark snowy landscape, all dark fur and bushy tail against the whiteness.

(not my photo, I'm never quick enough with the camera)

I watched it catch a vole, and gulp it down. It didn't seem to be a satisfying enough breakfast, though, so the coyote continued to hunt and stalk and pace around the meadow for a good 20 minutes while I drank my coffee and watched and the snow swirled outside.

I thought coyotes hunted in packs, like wolves. One year there was a mother and two pups traveling through our yard, but otherwise I've only seen solitary hunters.

Pups waiting for their Mom in our back yard one year

Sometimes a snowy day is pretty from inside our house looking out. We have large windows on all sides and it's like being inside a snow globe, all dry and warm while white flakes drift down all around us. But this late season nor'easter with its blizzard conditions was a gloomy looking storm, not pretty at all.

It was so dark and the snow fell so thick all day. Our big windows magnified how gray and grim it all was, and instead of the wondrous feel of being inside a snow globe, it felt like we were submerged in a submarine at depth all day.

A mid-March snowstorm, just days away from the first day of spring, is supposed to be light and over quickly and easily meltable.

This abominable blizzard has been long lasting and intense and is dumping a ton of snow on us.


  1. The silver lining:. A good day of skiing on Friday.

    1. It should be spectacular. 9:30 a.m. see you there.