Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pink Buds, Purple Blooms

February ended with unusual warmth, and March came in windy and chilly.

'Dawn' viburnum got all excited in the warm weather and started to open its pink buds, but may be stunted now with the cold. It's only 15 degrees out there this morning.

It's still an ungodly shaped viburnum, all twitchy and strange. I've complained about its form endlessly, here in my journal and to anyone who will listen. At least this year it is filled with buds ready to bloom.

I cut branches to bring in to force, but I got thick woody stubs with buds on them, and no slender, graceful twigs. The opposite branching typical of viburnums makes for awkward ladderlike structures that don't look good standing upright in a vase.

But I brought the stiff, thick branches in to smell the fragrance of this early bloomer. Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn' is supposed to smell divine. I've never had the pleasure. Mine has bloomed a bit in prior years, but not with any fragrance I could detect. So we'll see if indoor temperatures bring out any elusive scent.

The end of February warmth also made the tiny vivid purple irises by the front door pop. They are mixed in wth the white snowdrops that have been blooming since the snow melted last week.

These are Iris reticulata, a mix of two or three different named varieties, each with a different purple hue, but all happy looking at the end of winter.

Some day I will figure out how to take a picture of snowdrops. I can't get those pretty things to do anything on camera. Even my new Nikon, just arrived from my homeowner's insurance claim, won't photograph snowdrops.

Think it's time to ditch the Christmas greens display in the front garden? The boughs are starting to brown.

Yeah, it's time for that to go.

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