Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Skies

Since I have been back from Denver spring has popped out here, all emerald green grass and yellow daffodils.

But skies have been gloomy and gray, or it's been raining ever since my return. I can't get decent photos of the delicate epimedium flowers or the hot explosion of forsythias.

Spring is a hard season to appreciate. The cold and damp go on too long and the flowers and emerging foliage go by too fast. They are never in balance. Spring feels rushed and at the same time interminable.

I put the hummingbird feeder up before I left, in early April. This map of the migration status of ruby throated hummingbirds is probably too small to read well -- the green dots spread over the northeast mean hummers were first spotted in those locations between April 1 and 15.

So they are here, at least the early male scouts should be. I haven't seen any at the feeder yet, but they'll come. I've already changed the sugar water a couple times to keep it fresh.

Spring rushes by as flowers emerge and fade quickly while I wait forever for weather to clear and for hummingbirds to appear in the spring skies.


  1. Question. How often do you change the water?

    1. Change it every 8 or 9 days in cool spring weather and every 5 days in summer.

    2. And put the feeder up now, don't wait. The males come first and establish territories, so you want to attract those early guys to your feeder for the season.

    3. I put the feeders up last week. I didn't change the water very often last year. The giant woodpeckers didn't seem to mind.