Sunday, May 28, 2017

Away From Here

Some of my plants don't like me and beg to go live somewhere else. I offer as proof the fact a red honeysuckle I gave to my sister two springs ago is now a glorious flowering vine at her place.

It wound up as freebie to her because it didn't like me. I had ordered a different honeysuckle several years ago from High Country Gardens, and this came (mismarked) instead. So we hit it off poorly to start.

I moved it a couple times, I potted it, it sulked and we just never got along. Now, climbing the fence near her pool, it is finally happy. I do love red flowers. And I do love that it found a better place to live than with me.

My other sister has some plants from my garden that I took over to her small patio space a few years ago. The Bergenia I gave her was never content in my garden, and the few I have remaining still look awful. But at her place pigsqueak thrives, with huge glossy leaves and a real presence.

Some plants just want to be away from here. That's okay. They found their homes in other places.


  1. They just needed to grow up and be on their own. You gave them the structure and basics they needed to flourish.