Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And We Are Gone

My garden is sending me off with a fabulous salute and a show.

I am leaving it -- all of it, all I have created and all I have botched and everything I have learned here. The moving van has arrived.

The bottlebrush buckeyes have mounted a farewell that can't be rivaled.

And so we leave. Our journey to New Mexico and to our new home in the west begins.

I couldn't ask for a better sight on my last day in my garden. And just as vivid in my mind is the memory of these bottlebrush buckeyes just two years after transplant. They looked like this back then:

How they have grown and thrived. Will two New Englanders transplanted out west thrive too?

The next chapter starts in August when we close on a house in Santa Fe. 

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