(note to self: I started this collection of idea photos before Pinterest.  Now, with the ease of pinning ideas there, I should discontinue this page.  Pinterest is easier to use and automatically attributes sources (which I neglected to do here, thinking I'd keep this journal private) 

Steppers up hill around Dogwood to Front Walk
Set flat stones into the grass on the slope around dogwood in front. leading from driveway up to front walk.

This is where they would go, curving around the tree and up the slope:

Stones set in grass
Can we do these scattered stones set in grass between the front edge of Meadow's Edge and the new garden strip in front of it? I saw this at the Phila. Flower Show.

Here's the area I am thinking of putting the scattered stones in. It would still need to be mowed. Or eliminate the grass entirely and just make this a rustic stone walk with mulch, or with a creeping groundcover among the stones?

Natural Bench
This is a simple idea for a natural bench for the gravel garden, to complement the tree stump, but provide a long flat surface. Where to get the stones?

Tie the meadow and yard together
See how Nan Ondra edges the meadow here?  A curved layer of asters and flowery stuff among the grasses, and sumac or some other small tree at the very edge:

Edge the Creek Bed
Creek bed fixes - how to soften the edges with more random boulders, more irregular shape, and pea gravel:

Edging Ideas
Edging for front of Meadow's Edge garden:

Some ways to soften the edges of the dry creek bed.  Need a large flat stone for crossing, plants to replace the grass at the very edges and to emphasize the curve:

Sitting Areas  
Walkway from west walk out toward the birches, ending in a sitting patio circle between the Birch Garden and the Austrian pines / buckeyes (use bluestones instead?):

Create a stone covered area with plants surrounding it (maybe out toward back corner in between last birch and the Austrian pines?):
this is from A Way to Garden

Geranium macrorrhizum to spread as groundcover on strip under buckeyes? Total weed suppresser.

This is Cool
When the buckeyes get really large, cut a doorway into the side to get to the meadow!

Front Yard Slope
Front yard steps up from the driveway to front walk:
this is on Mann designs site

I like these stone wall edges, to control the contour of a small slope.  Maybe around the front garden by the light post?

Create bluestone steps up the slope in the front yard from driveway to walk:
More pictures here.