Sunday, March 7, 2010

First warm day

Low 50s today, lots of sunshine, just a little breeze.  Perfect day for doing all the late winter chores.  It actually felt like Spring.

Jim mowed the back meadow.  What a difference... it makes the yard look so different.
I cut back the foliage on everything in the birch garden: agastache, foxgloves, wandflower, cut down the butterfly bush, trimmed the coral bells.  AND I removed all of the mint!  Two great big clumps and runners, I took them out. (I'm sure I'll still have to battle runners and anything that resprouts from what roots are left.)

I'll replant the nepeta from the front walk in the place where the mint was.

What I also cut down:
The Albury St. Johnswort, the butterfly bush in Meadow's Edge (and the little Blue Chip in Northern Exposure).  Cut down the helenium, the lavender cotton, all the amsonias, the wandflowers by the bulkhead door.

Shrubs I pruned:
Took out 1/3 of the abelia stems.  Took out quite a few of the older redtwig dogwood stems.

Witch hazel blooms: on such a warm day they should be out, and Diane is, but they're not much to see.
Yesterday at Sturbridge I saw two big mature witch hazels, and they had tiny little coppery flowers.  Pretty underwhelming, although any bloom at this time of year is a plus.  My vernal witch hazel by the driveway is not really blooming at all, but there are buds.  But that's new, just transplanted last Fall.