Monday, March 8, 2010

Hardware cloth

Upper 50s today and sunny, but a little breezier.

Cut back the tiarella foliage, and the wispy clematis vine.

Jim finished mowing the back meadow at least up to the area in back of the spruce berm.  I pulled some poison ivy as it was easier to move around with the weeds mowed down.

He helped me fashion trunk protectors from hardware cloth to put around the rabbit gnawed buckeyes.  I thought it would be more moldable and better than the stiff green plastic fencing material I had been using.  But it was not!  Very hard to cut with tinsnips, very hard to mold, not very easy to put around the spreading low branches of the buckeyes.  Maybe it's easier to use around a straight trunk, but even then, it was hard to cut and handle.  A definite NO.