Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunny again

Another sunny, Spring-like day.  Temps in the high 50s, really warm and nice.

Repotted the aloe into one of the hypertufa bowls; it's shallower and bigger.  Used the cactus potting mix.  The root system was pretty small, and the heavy aloe leaves are making it tip over ... not enough roots to hold it upright!  But already it looks better in the bowl than in the small houseplant pot.
We put up the weather station today on the post where the old bluebird house was (on the east side).  Seems to be working!

I took out the Stella d'Oro daylilies in the front walk, they never did much there, and they were messy.  Gone.

Moved the nepeta to the Birch garden where the mint was.  It was awfully dry in the front walk strip when I dug them up, and they kind of got ripped out.  We'll see if they take in the Birch garden... it's only March and frosts (and snow) are still on the way.  Root systems were pretty extensive. 

Moved some sedum angelina sprigs from the Northern Exposure garden to the back edge of the front walk.  The angelina that's there now looks good all winter, and spreads beautifully, so I hope this will spread out along that back edge.

I cut back some of the lambs ear, need to do the rest.