Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heath is blooming

What a gorgeous sunny day after the nor'easter that brought almost 2 inches of rain (and wind) the past few days.  Today was in the high 50s and sunny.  Everything is soggy wet.

Look what's blooming: the heath (Erica darleyensis 'Ghost Hills').  It looks nice with the deep maroon sedum groundcover in front of it (must divide and get that to spread at the very edge of the walk.)

I cut back the all grasses today.  They are so natural looking, I love them, and they are easy care (no care) until this one chore in late winter, cutting them back.  They're messy and it's hard to do... and what to do with the dry stalks of grass?  There's a lot of volume of dry material to dispose of.

Also cut back the caryopteris all the way back.  Buds at the base are really very blue gray colored.

I cut the lower angled branch off the Oklahoma redbud.

Tried weaving the cut branches from the willows into the trellis (where the kiwi vine in pots will go).  It looked kind of nice, but I decided against it, I think it will get tangled up when the vines grow over the trellis.

The witch hazel Diane is definitely in very soggy (almost standing) water.  Everything is very wet out there right now, but that end of the garden drains so poorly.  I think I will take it out and move it to the new areas I'm cutting for the new stewartia and other plants on the west side.  Then what to put in the soggy spot behind the dry creek bed?  I'll try a cutting of the Nishiki Willow, and if it takes, I'll put a dappled willow there!